Wednesday, November 18, 2015


As I closed my series on pride last Sunday, it was certainly interesting to hear about the Ronda Rousey/Holly Holm UFC fight the night before.  Most thought Rousey could not be beaten, including Rousey herself.  And in prideful fashion, Rousey refused to touch gloves prior to her fight with Holm.  But as the Bible clearly states, “Pride goes before a fall”, and Ronda Rousey fell – knocked out in the 2nd round by challenger Holly Holm, AKA “The preacher’s daughter”. 

Now that Holm is the champion, she will have the challenge of prying the remote from the hand of pride.  Her father a minister, she claims to be a Christ follower and reads her Bible regularly.  Here is a quote from a recent article…

“But I much prefer, if I have the time for that, to go to church. I feel really not focused and detached if I don’t go to church. I feel like I feel better about myself and life and my relationship with God if I go. I feel more connected. I try to go every Sunday morning, but there’s times that I just can’t. And then sometimes I get a little irritated with myself because I’m like, ‘Really, Holly? God sacrifices and has you in mind all day, every day. One hour (is all it takes).’ … I’m very blessed — how can I not want to give back one day, one hour even? I’m like OK, I’m going to Starbucks (and) instead of bringing my iPad, maybe I’ll bring my Bible. I might as well use the time then.”  (from the Albuquerque Journal)

So I am happy for Holly Holm – not because she knocked out Ronda Rousey – but because now she can use her “known” to make Him known.   He must increase, Holly, and you must decrease.  We in Christendom are pulling for you as you remember Who it’s from and Who it’s for.

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