Monday, October 28, 2013


When Jesus came on the scene he came into a world of religion.  The law God had given Moses had been the measuring stick for a relationship with God for years.  You couldn’t know God or have a relationship with God unless you kept the rules, and there were a lot of them. 

Jesus comes along and challenges all that.  He first challenges it by asking some common fishermen to simply follow Him.  He doesn’t ask them to follow any rules.  They are not asked to change anything, give anything, or be anything.  He simply asked them to follow. 

Religion says, “Change and you can join us.”  Jesus says, “Join me and you will change.”  Our relationship with God begins with a simple invitation to follow Jesus.  He doesn’t ask us to change so we can join Him.  That should be good news if you are a sinner.  In fact, Jesus only invited sinners to follow Him.  You don’t have to change to join Him.   But if you follow Him your life will change.